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Guahuang Website Design

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Count to Ten designed the website for Guahuang Hong Kong, the famous brand specialized in 「Qun Gua」(Chinese Wedding Gown). The website is built in a single page and divided into different chapters, responding to the client’s idea of expressing in a story-liked format. Red colors are used as the main tone of the website, representing the “Gua” is one of the indispensable elements in traditional wedding banquets. Large photos and model shots are also used in the website, not only bringing the beauty side of the dress to the network, but also showing the exquisite patterns and their meanings for the dress. The website also includes a “Message” button that users can contact client at ease.


Count to Ten 為著名龍鳳褂專門店「褂皇」進行網站建構及設計工作。網頁以直板一頁並分開不同章節所構成,響應客戶希望以故事形式表達之構想,並有一氣呵成之感。網頁使用紅色色系為主調,呼應裙褂於喜慶場合中穿着,及其於傳統婚宴中不可或缺之地位。針對裙褂精緻圖案及寓意,網頁以大面積圖片及模特兒硬照直接展示,將裙褂之美完整帶到網絡上,大面積圖片亦可令使用者觀看及感受裙褂細部之精緻手工。網頁中亦增加即時通訊按鈕,方便使用者與客戶聯絡。

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